“A language is not just words. It’s a culture, a tradition, a unification of a community, a whole history that creates what a community is. It’s all embodied in a language”.

-Noam Chomsky.


Over 10 years of experience in the publishing and communication sectors. More than 5 years as an English – Spanish translator

Qualified and experienced journalist – Co-founder and Chief Editor of the digital magazine Cosmopolita Scotland

5-star feedback record from all my clients

Cultural fluency – Master in African Studies and a strong personal connection with the Philippines

Business knowledge – Head of Operations in the Spanish-speaking market of two tech startups in the culture and tourism sector.

Bilingual & bicultural background – native Spanish speaker who has lived in the UK for more than 10 years


Not Just Words aims to be a profitable, socially -and ethically-focused organisation. We are an inspirational company that puts work ethics, transparency and communication at the core of our relationships with our clients.

Interculturality, cross-cultural communications, community, critical thinking, collaboration and social and environmental justice are at the centre of our activities.


Not Just Words helps public, private and non-profit organisations to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers. Our aim is to assist them in building a bridge that will allow them to reach and make a positive impact in the diverse and always growing Spanish-speaking market.

Your success is our success. Our high-quality services and professional support will ensure that your texts and communications are easily understood, accurate and appropriate to your needs.


Not Just Words is run by Noelia Martinez Castellanos, BA (Hons) in Journalism and MSc in African Studies, with 10 years of professional experience across a range of roles within the language and media industries.
Not Just Words offers a wide range of services in Spanish, from community management and content writing to translations (EN>SP) and virtual assistance services. 

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